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Alex Gilbert / Founder of 'I’m Adopted’. Russian-New Zealand Adoptee and Advocate.

My name is Alex Gilbert. I was adopted when I was two years old from an Orphanage in Arkhangelsk, Russia. This is my journey.

In 2013 I did a search for my birth parents using social media. I eventually found them and then met them for the first time at the end of 2013.

Since then I have helped others reconnect with I’m Adopted which is a project and nonprofit organisation I created that shares other stories for those adopted around the world.

I also share my life and story through my YouTube Channel at

I have written two books called My Russian Side which was released in 2014 and I’m Adopted which was released in 2018.

I have also done work here in New Zealand and Russia in relation to international adoptions and orphanages.

You can learn more about what I do through my Social Media and YouTube channel.

Ways to contact and to reach out:

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